2insure4less.com: We Make Online Insurance Easy

Having trouble finding online insurance quotes?

If you’ve spent any time looking for online insurance, you know what a hassle it can be. Endless forms to fill out, insecure websites, and pop-up advertising await you at every turn.

There is a better way!

2insure4less provides you with a single, secure portal that allows you to request, compare, and select online insurance quotes from a variety of providers with the click of a button. Finding the right insurance plan has never been easier!

Since 2004, we’ve been saving our customers time, headaches, and money on their auto, life, home, health and other lines of insurance by providing them with a multitude of quotes from our partner agencies and letting them choose the plan they like most.

If you’re looking to save time trouble and cash, 2insure4less is definitely the right move. Here’s why:

  • We can deliver you a large listing of cheap insurance quotes in just minutes
  • You won’t need to fill out application forms over and over again
  • All quotes come from insurance agents in your state of residence
  • We take every precaution to make sure your personal information remains protected and confidential
  • We value our customers, and take great pride in our customer service
  • The 2insure4less Process is Simple

    Step one:

    Fill out a short form and select your desired types of insurance quotes.

    Step two:

    Click on the “Get My Quotes” button.

    Step three:

    Within minutes, you’ll have access to a listing of free online insurance quotes from agencies in your area.

    Step four:

    Once you decide which of our partner agencies has the best insurance plan, you can either set up your secure purchase online or you can schedule a visit to their office.

    It’s that easy!

    By browsing a listing of real-time insurance quotes personalized for you, you will have access to the information you need quickly and efficiently, without having to fill out duplicate forms over and over again. We work with a great many independent agencies, meaning we can offer you a vast variety of policies to meet your insurance needs.

    Your Security is Our Responsibility

    We know you’re concerned about protecting the personal information you submit for online insurance quotes, and so are we. Keep in mind that we make all possible efforts to protect your personal information.

    When you submit your information through the 2insure4less.com website, the details are encrypted with state-of-the-art SSL technology – the same security used by web giants like Amazon and Yahoo. Don’t worry! Your information is as safe with us as it is with any online banking institution or store, and we will never sell it or hand it over to anyone without your authorization*.

    Customer Service

    2insure4less.com goes the extra mile for our busy consumer by offering a free iPhone application known as Insurance Shopper. This handy app allows you to find cheap insurance rates even if your schedule prevents you from sitting at your desktop to do your comparison shopping.

    We also offer industry-related news and suggestions to help you with your insurance needs. Whether you’re seeking rating information on a potential insurer, or looking for tips on how to save money on your insurance policy, we’re here to help.

    Finally, you get top-notch customer service from our dependable and professional staff of representatives who are here to help you find the insurance plan that meets your needs.

    2insure4less.com Insurance Quotes

    Let us do the work for you!

    *We do not sell or share any of your personal information with any individuals or businesses except (1) as authorized by you, our customer, (2) to our network of participating insurance agents and affiliates so that they can provide your insurance quotes, and (3) as mandated by law enforcement or a court of law.

    How 2insure4less.com Works:

    Select a type of insurance & enter your zip code

    We'll then have you fill out our short form which will take about 5 min. We'll ask you questions about the insurance you are looking for.

    We'll match you with local agents in your area

    Using the information you provided us our system will match you with 3 to 5 agents that live in your neighborhood.

    The agents will supply you with their best quote

    Agents from some of the top rated companies in the nation will contact you and give you a quote.

    Review your offers and select the right plan for you

    By comparing several different rates you can find the coverage you need at a price that fits your budget.